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"Get creative and start thinking outside the box when it comes to solving issues in your community. It’s time to take a hard look at public policy and develop creative solutions for public and private partnerships."

Dr. Reynolds would love the opportunity to meet you and your neighbors. Contact her today if you would like to request her as a speaker at your event. 

If you know Dr. Reynolds, you know that her outreach work and humanitarian efforts are results-driven. Directly housing over 5000 restored citizens and creating 200 jobs as a private individual seeking social justice in her community, Michele Reynolds is passionate about breaking barriers and connecting private solutions with public problems. You should be familiar with her housing project, Cargominiums, a developing 25-unit apartment building made of recycled shipping containers; eco-friendly homes that will provide affordable housing solutions for people in need.
“We need this change,” says Reynolds. “We need these innovative strategies and solutions that attract talent, inspire entrepreneurship and promote prosperity.” With 54,000 people in Central Ohio paying more than half of their income for housing where rent and sale prices continue to rise, there is a lack of affordable housing in Franklin County causing many low and moderate-income residents to struggle to provide the essentials for their families.
“This problem requires all hands on deck, which leaves government, and community leaders such as myself to throw our hat into the ring and do what we need to bring hope to our communities.”

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