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When it Come to Race Relations, We Can Do Better

Our hearts go out to the family of Casey Goodson, Jr. and we offer our sincere condolences at this time. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. “My heart goes out to the family and we can do better,” says Trustee Reynolds.

The loss of a child or family remember is an unimaginable situation, yet so many are facing this tragedy day after day. We must do better, and things must change.

With the rates of homicides rising in Franklin County, it is important that safety is first. It takes an entire community, each of us doing our part to keep us safe. In the spirit of having safe streets and communities, we need a good balance of community and police for the balance to be stable, the right people in the places, and accountability all the way around.

Sitting on the Race Relations Equity and Diversity committee (Code RRED) for Groveport Madison, Trustee Reynolds is invested in creating change in all areas and raising her voice for the things that matter. Code RRED was designed to look at disparity amongst students within the Groveport Madison school district.

“As public officials, we recognize that racism is a public health issue and must ensure that we are not using our policies to be biased against any particular group. We don’t want to be offensive in our actions or words, but we want to show the truth, reveal what is real and present it in a way that people will receive it and embrace change.

We can do better.”

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