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Voting to Recycle our Community

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) has made a rather unique effort to reduce waste within cities, communities, schools, public sectors, and non-profit organizations. The extent of their goals to reduce waste includes recycling, materials diversion, and building healthy partnerships and collaborations throughout Central Ohio.

After taking our Recycling Opinion Survey of our residents for one month, we received over one hundred responses. We asked questions about location, recycling habits, and the interest in a new toter. Many residents displayed confusion and lack of awareness regarding the local recycling services provided.

Feeling strongly about this, Michele Reynolds knew this would be beneficial for Madison Township and other communities as well. She has made her vote known to help our community see the importance of eliminating waste. Reynolds is committed to showing how voting for this grant will do more than just add recycling services and the betterment of services already provided.

The Community Waste Reduction Grant is SWACO’s way of providing financial support to help those participating. The grant not only provides the assistance needed financially but it also gives access to programs SWACO provides to produce the best results.

In addition to this grant, other programs offered include:

● Community Solid Waste and Recycling Consortium Program - This program currently services over 85,000 households in Franklin County. It’s purpose is to show communities how to gain more ground during the bidding process for trash, recycling, and yard waste collection.

● E-Waste Diversion Program - Proper electronic waste disposal has become important to maintain a healthy environment. This program collects and recycles electronic waste such as cell phones, computers, televisions, and more.

● Re-TRAC Connect - This unique web-based software is a tool organizations utilize to track their progress to ensure proper management and success. For residents interested in seeing their communities progress, click here to receive monthly updates via email.

Stay tuned for more information on how waste and recycling services will be improving. To learn more about the Community Waste Reduction Grant, visit

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