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The Right to Recover

From a child, the standard teaching is that we can recover that which was lost or stolen. Contacts are provided ahead of time and all are advised to memorize the names and numbers of those who will assist immediately if the need arises. As life goes on, many stumble upon circumstances and situations that captivate, annihilate, and traumatize in ways that are hard to bounce back from. Methods of coping are acquired to ease the pain, escape the memories, or all of the above. These methods can be mental, spiritual, or chemical. Despite the method used, more damage is created on various levels.

Thankfully, there are more recovery and support centers than there have ever been. These centers make themselves known and available to all. This knowledge of availability reaches the ears, eyes, and hearts of the community, and referrals are made as well.

The desire to recover is always up to the one suffering. Many times the one suffering doesn’t understand the meaning of recovery let alone knowing how to recover. It may seem simple to most, but to the sufferer, it is a challenge almost equal to the offense that brought them to a place of suffering. Understanding this aids in assisting those who are suffering to see that they have the right to recover.

What does that even mean? It simply means that a person is entitled to regain normalcy concerning their mental and physical health. Knowing this is freeing in so many ways. It frees the mind and heart to understand that carrying the hurt, shame, and disgust does not have to continue. It frees the hands and feet to feel like moving out of the past and into the future. It frees the eyes to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You may be in an unstable place mentally or you may have fallen into an addiction that seems impossible to recover from. Please do not accept the lie that you cannot recover. There is life left in you and there are people who have the heart to help and support you.

If you know someone who is in recovery, encourage them by reminding them that they have the right to recover. When those you love surround you, it speeds up the healing process and helps those who are recovering dive deeper into the land of living a stronger and healthier life.

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