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Township Meeting Highlights

Slowly the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming available to the entire community, phase by phase. As for safety, in all aspects remains a priority for me and the township, it is important that all information is made available for individuals to make their own decision. As individuals, we know our health, our history, and with the help of our doctors, can decipher what is good for us. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Currently, the COVID-19 vaccine has been made readily available for distribution throughout Franklin County.

While there are many opinions on taking the vaccine, in the end, the choice boils down to an individual decision, determining what is best for you and your family. I am dedicated to providing residents with the most viable information that will help people make conscious decisions based upon their personal values.

While an abundance of information may be presented, it is important that you know that you have a choice.

For more information regarding the vaccine or to be vaccinated, go to

Freedom of Speech!

I’ve always been a proponent of freedom of speech, even when that speech may differ from my personal perspective. As a lover of the law, I believe that certain things were put in place to protect us as a society and bring balance to certain areas of life.

In our recent township meeting, there was a discussion around what content should be allowed to remain on the comment areas of our social media pages. While I feel that on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., opinions and perspectives are freely shared, we see the good the bad, and the ugly. However, unless I believe until it crosses the line into what is defined by our lawyers as criminal activity; people should be free to share their perspectives.

The first amended right to have freedom of speech is just that, a right, and must respect the process.

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