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Mental Health Awareness Month

As the spring sets in, we can inhale the fresh air and appreciate the rain as it waters the earth. We take each breath reminding ourselves to stay calm and never be afraid to admit when we are not okay. This month is Mental Health Awareness Month.

In an effort to highlight the importance of our mental health, we address the many support groups available through ADAMH and many others throughout Franklin County. The collective state of our mental health has only been declining as many face situations much more difficult than what they are able to handle. Knowing where to go and who you can turn to makes a world of difference.

This month and every day thereafter make it your mission to check on loved ones to check on your friends and loved ones and find out how you can help. Below are some simple ways to assess the state of a loved one's mental health.

5 Signs of Mental Illness:

  1. Mood swings - Continuous mood swings could be a sign that there is an underlying issue

  2. Sudden spells of anxiety, fear, or even paranoia - Trauma, uncontrollable changes, or the like can induce behaviors and mindsets that draw towards fear, anxiety, and even paranoid thoughts.

  3. New desire to be secluded from others - A person who becomes more and more inclined to be alone and away from others may be hiding feelings or trauma.

  4. Insomnia - The lack of sleep can be caused by worry, frustration, lack, and more. When a person lacks sleep, the body loses proper oxygen, and thoughts become hazy producing irrational thoughts and behaviors.

  5. Gloomy Behavior - Those who become extremely sad, despondent, and are prone to be in darkness could be slipping into a depressive state.

While these signs tell some things, they do not paint a complete picture as to what someone whose mental state is slipping may be. Should you notice two or more of these symptoms in a loved one’s behavior, be sure to help them get the assistance they need. We don’t want to see our family, friends, or community in need without our hands being outstretched to help them. Make it your business to help someone heal by accompanying them to a support group, lending a helping hand, or even making the necessary call to a mental health professional with them. There is no shame in needing help.

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