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October Reynolds Report Update

Trustee Reynolds continues to lead by example! In September, she gathered with local neighbors to discuss what could be done collectively to unify the community in these troubled times. What resulted is a grassroots campaign called “No Labels Just Neighbors”.

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In spite of our differences, we all want the same things for our communities. We want strong families, good schools, and safe neighborhoods. If we can see where we are the same, we can work together to enforce positive change in our neighborhoods. If we can all look inward at our communities, the country can band together to spark change.

Join Trustee Reynolds in a movement of good neighbors coming together and putting aside their dividing labels and focusing on service and the Golden Rule- To Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. We live together, so we should also work together. If we unite our communities, we can heal our country. If your interested in participating in this initiative, simply subscribe to our website and order your shirt today at

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