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Madison Township Update

Nothing is worse than driving with your top down in the summer and suddenly sinking into a destructive pothole that takes you out of the moment. Some may even think that road construction can be the worst but understanding the purpose of the work transforms the negative into a positive. Though there may be a slight inconvenience of longer waits and maneuvered routes, a smoother journey is the end result that we can all benefit from.

The funding for this project is coming from the following along with a few private partners: Franklin County Motor Vehicle Registration and Gas User Fees, the City of Groveport, Madison Township, Ohio Public Works Commission, and the Franklin County Transportation Improvement District.

To know that these forces have joined together to make sure that we have a clear path to get where we need to go is comforting. It is also good to see us all working together to accomplish goals one road at a time. I look forward to more being done this summer and beyond as we continue to collide and combine to get the job done for our residents and visitors.

This project will impact both the City of Groveport and the Village of Obetz. If you are interested in learning more about what is going on and different detours you may need to take as the construction begins, please visit and and see their suggestions on routes you can take.

You can also visit the Franklin County Engineer’s website at

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