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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

What does it mean to be okay? To be okay in the present, does not define your everyday life. At

any given moment, the circumstances of your normality can become undone. What do you do at

that moment?

Is it okay to not be okay?

It most certainly is okay to go through difficult cracks in time. As a human being, you are prone to be subject to your emotions. Some things that happen can cause you to have a meltdown, become sad, or overwhelmed. During that time, assure yourself that it is okay to take the time and occupy the space needed to deal with the issue or issues at hand. Should you decide to deny yourself this time and space, your mental health is what will take the ultimate hit. Your mental health in short is the state of your emotions, psyche, and your ability to relate to others.

What happens when you let your mental health suffer?

- You could become disconnected and try to isolate yourself from others

- You may lose sleep suffering mental torment or sleep endlessly to escape your


- You may be in denial and try to hang on to normality to no avail

- Your thoughts become disheveled and appear to ramble while sorting things through in

your mind

- You may become irritable or contentious from lack of sleep or frustration

- You may forget things and arrive later than usual or miss events altogether

- You may turn to drugs, alcohol or both in effort to relax or take your mind off things

Everything listed above are characteristics of an unhealthy mental status. If you or someone you

know displays signs of not being mentally sound, please reach out to a counselor or your

nearest mental health department. You can also educate yourself more on mental health by

attending mental health awareness groups or events. Remember that you are not alone and

there is help available to you.


Adults in Crisis contact Netcare Access: 614.276.2273

Youth in Crisis contact Nationwide Children's Hospital: 614.722.1800

Suicide Prevention Hotline for Franklin County contact: 614.221.5445

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