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August Reynolds Report Update

Madison Township is well on its way to improving communication and government transparency. With the advocacy and support of Trustee Reynolds, along with fellow Trustees and the Fiscal Officer, Madison Township is modernizing the way we do business. In addition to the new creation of a Madison Township Facebook page, we recently launched the "Township Express" which provides digital recaps of the Board meetings which are then posted to our website and shared broadly on social media to inform residents of Madison Township affairs at their convenience.

Reynolds is also proud to report that the Township has begun the onboarding process for Ohio's Open Checkbook The Ohio Checkbook serves as the singular and most trusted resource for Ohioans to obtain both local and state financial information. This effort enhances government transparency by providing real-time local and state financial transactional data. Users can view online government spending, as well as how revenue is allocated.

Learn more by reading here.

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