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Focus for 2021: Safety, Improvement and Service

If ever there was a time for a call to leadership, the time is now. I don’t take it lightly the roles or capacity that I’ve been entrusted to serve. I am honored to continue to serve in my role within the Township as the Vice-Chair on the Madison Township Board of Trustees as well as my other roles within the state of Ohio. Cornel West said it best, “Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public,” and my commitment to public service is truly a labor of love for my community.

In my continued role on the board, I am the direct support for the Chairman of the Board and act as representation in his absence. In addition, during regular meetings, it is my responsibility to conduct the ‘Business of the Board’ by presenting motions on the floor for the board to decide on. I am honored to serve in this capacity.

Committed to the total well-being of the residents of Madison Township, I desire to progressively move the township forward and will focus on Safety, Improvement, and Service this year.


The safety of the residents and community of Madison Township is a priority for me and I will continue to support efforts to make the township a safe community. In an attempt to strengthen the safety measures within our community, I plan to increase my efforts in assisting the police department with securing resources that will help them better serve the community. My philosophy is that the job of the government is to keep its citizens safe. No other initiatives will thrive if our communities aren’t safe.

In addition to increasing our resources, having qualified individuals in law enforcement positions are equally vital to the safety of the township. Therefore, I will forcefully advocate for the hiring of more quality police officers as the budget allows. Together, this will better serve the community.


My objective in this area is to continue to make recommendations to improve and enhance the way business is done in Madison Township through technology and innovation. Through the vehicles of such platforms as holding virtual meetings, social media, Ohio Checkbook, and enhanced communication, I believe all entities of the community can be resourced and provided with the information that is needed in an effective way.


As a core value of my life, my objective is very straightforward in this area. I will continue to serve the community in my extended roles with Groveport Madison School District Committee on Race Relations Equity and Diversity and Canal Winchester Human Services Board of Trustees.

Thank you for entrusting me to serve you and know that I will continue to place the well-being of the residents of Madison Township as a priority.

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