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December News Update

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, we wish you peace, health, endurance, and joy!

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New Appointment

Trustee Reynolds has been appointed to serve as the Madison Township Board of Trustees representative on the Executive Board of the Canal Winchester Human Services. Trustee Reynolds continues to be an advocate and a voice that is affecting change. For additional information regarding this appointment or service offered by the human services organization, visit the Canal Winchester Human Services website.

MASC Up Franklin County

Trustee Michele Reynolds has joined forces with the National African American Wellness Agency and other community partners to encourage Franklin County residents to MASC Up. Standing for ‘Make A Safer Community,’ this campaign is reinforcing the message of safety in the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis. Prompting individuals to take the necessary measures to keep themselves, their families and the community safe, Trustee Reynolds relays to message that individuals should adhere to health guidelines set in place, wear their mask, social distance, wash their hands and only go out when necessary.

This campaign which is designed to provide hands-on resources for individuals, will supply an array of items that when used properly, will increase the safety of our community. In addition to wearing masks, individuals are encouraged to build up their immune systems and focus on areas such as nutrition, exercise, and rest, and relaxation.

MASC Up kits will be distributed throughout Franklin County at various locations. Together we can stop the spread, MASC Up!

For more information regarding this campaign or the National African American Male Wellness Agency contact 614-754-7511 or visit their website.

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