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Celebrating An Amazing Ohio Trailblazer

Paula J. Penn-Nabrit, a native of Columbus, Ohio, has been blazing a trail and changing history since an early age. As the second of four children, she established pioneering the uncharted while upholding the highest achievement standards as a lifelong pattern.

Paula graduated from the Columbus School for Girls with the triple distinction of being student government president, the only black student in her class, and the third black graduate in the school’s history.

In 1972, she enrolled at Wellesley College and pursued a double major (philosophy and political science). While in school Paula worked for the Massachusetts Black Caucus, directed, performed, and traveled with Wellesley’s renowned Ethos Choir, and interned with Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm in Washington, DC. Paula graduated in June, 1976 then married Charles Nabrit three months later.

In 1977, Paula entered law school at The Ohio State University and spent time in clerking positions with private business and tax law practices, the Ohio Attorney General, and the Federal District Court. Although law school was interrupted in 1980 with the birth of twin boys, Charles and Damon, Paula returned to earn her Juris Doctorate in 1981 and have her third son Evan.

As a wife, mother, educated woman and active in the workforce, Paul learned early that her role was multi-dimensional. Yet she was able to continue to make strides that would impact generations to come.

Paul has been front a front-line educator, shaping the minds of students at the University of North Florida, teaching business law and ethics to MBA candidates, Franklin University, as an adjunct professor teaching business law, employment law, and business ethics to undergraduates and The Ohio State University. Not only has she educated within the classroom, but has taken her message of empowerment to women across the United States with the implementation of her program to support women in their 3D lives.

Successfully raising sons who attended ivy league schools (Princeton), she formed PN&A, Inc.’s and then launched Telos Training, Inc.,, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to the support of women’s 3D lives.

Continuing to raise consciousness at the next level, Paula has authored several books including Morning by Morning: How We Home-Schooled Our African-American Sons to the Ivy League and The Power of a Virtuous Woman.” Her work has been presented at numerous conferences within the United States, Canada and Europe and she continues to shape the course of history, educating another generation while empowering the present one.

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